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ranjan kr.singh - Delhi : Rising above Ruins

Delhi : Rising above Ruins

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Author: Singh, Ranjan Kumar
Year: 2006
ISBN: 8190356119
[ 29 cm., pp. 136, pls. ]
[ Price: RS. 1,200.00, US$ 27.27 ]

About the Book :

Delhi : Rising above Ruins

If the history of ancient India revolved around Patliputra, the history of modern India has been more or less Delhi-centric. Ever since it took over the reins. Delhi has been the seat of power. This led to a belief that whoever held Delhi, ruled India. But for a period when the Mogul Emperor Akbar ruled from Agra, this seems to have held true. In the course of history spanning over 900 years, Delhi has encountered all kinds of adversities and catastrophes, but has held on to its position nevertheless. In 1906, Gordon Risley Hearn, in his book "The Seven Cities of Delhi", had classified the Qutub area as the Old Delhi - the name now given to Shahjahanabad, which Risley had called the 'Modern Delhi'. All of the so-called citiers of Delhi, including Indraprastha, perished and yet Delhi survives. Remarkably, none of the cities of Delhi was called Delhi. It is only after their decline, that they all become a part of Delhi. Equally interesting is the fact that the phrase "The Seven Cities of Delhi" had been coined by Hearn way back in 1906 when neither New Delhi had been conceptualized, nor Indraprastha excavated, yet it still continues to be in application. Nevertheless, Delhi is amongst the richest cities of the world in terms of monuments. It has over 60,000 recognized monuments, depicting architecture from the Mauryan era up to the period of British rule, with the Islamic monuments comprising the major part of its rich archaeological heritage. These monuments constitute an inspiring saga of India’s past; where history speaks through stones and bricks. Delhi: Rising above Ruins covers 84 of such monuments with photographs.
Contents : Introduction : From Ruins to Reigns / Qutub Complex / Meharauli Archaeological Park & Other Monuments / Tughlaqabad Area / Nizam-ud-din Area / Kotla Feroz Shah / Hauz Khas Area / Lodi / Gardens / Purana Quila Complex / Humayun Tomb Complex / Red Fort Complex / Other Monuments in Shahjahanabad / Some Other Monuments / Index.

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