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shankardayalsingh =Book on Sun Temples released

shankardayalsingh =Book on Sun Temples released

Book on Sun Temples released
Dr. Karan Singh, Chairman, Indian Council for Cultural Relations released the book
‘SURYA: The God and His Abode’ at a function in New Delhion Sunday 27 December.
The book, authored by Ranjan Kumar Singh, journalist and film maker, adulates the Sun
and projects seven Sun Temples with stunning photographs and lively narratives.
Speaking before a galaxy of scholars, Dr. Karan Singh said that the Sun is not only the
originator of life, but it is also the future for mankind. Its spiritual value apart, it is equally
important for our environment. Solar energy is the only recourse that the mankind has in
the world of increasing pollutants. He added that individuals too can prosper by
harnessing the solar energy lying dormant within them. Quoting verses from Aditya
Hridyam, a composition by Valmiki, he said even when Lord Rama was in dilemma
while at war with Ravana, he was advised by Sage Augustya to enchant the verses from
Aditya Hridyam and adulate the sun. This freed him of all dilemmas and he went on to
win the battle. Dr. Singh congratulated and complimented the author for the book that he
described as a cultural asset and a piece to treasure.
Speaking on the occasion, the author of the book Sri Ranjan Kumar Singh said, “Most of
us believe Konārk to be the only sun temple, whereas there are others for whom the sun visit us at www.parijat.co.in                                          write to us at contact@parijat.co.in
temple in their vicinity is second only to the one at Konārk. Yet, there are more than a
hundred sun temples dotting the length and breadth of the country, while there are several
others spanning the globe. It is surprising that most of the sun temples have fallen into
oblivion, while the sun continues to be an object of reverence” He further added that
although the classical tradition of sun worship has dwindled, its folk tradition continues to
gain strength. The celebration of ‘Chhath’ from Patna to Mumbai and beyond is
testimony to this.
The book goes beyond the usual Konark Temple to portray some of the other equally
magnificent sun temples that include Arsavalli (Andhra Pradesh); Deo (Bihar); Goalpara
(Assam); Katarmal (Uttarakhand); Modhera (Gujrat) and Wat Arun (Bangkok, Thailand)
besides Konark (Orissa). The verses from Aditya Hridyam, together with its translation,
too form part of this book. In course of his research the author spent a week on an average
at each of the temple sites that have found place in this book. All the text, available in the
libraries or on web, could not have given him as much insight into the subject as he could
pick up from the elders and the local guides. His wanderings have given him immense
wealth in the form of folk culture and traditions pertaining to Surya that he brings now for
all to share.
The book release was followed by the Shankar Memorial Lecture on “The Sun and the
Culture” by eminent scholar Dr. Syam Singh Shashi. Delivering the keynote address, he
said that Sun was the only evident deity worshipped by millions of devotees across the
globe, having faiths in different religions. Even today it could encourage confluence of
different cultures while promoting better understanding among followers of various
religions and faiths. Stressing on the need for creating a sense of devotion among children
towards Sun God, he said the Sun could help them in cultivating thoughts of aligning with
nature, which was of great importance as new generation was fast losing their interest for
such approach to life.
The occasion marked the Birth Anniversary of Late Shankar Dayal Singh, a distinguished
laureate and parliamentarian. Sri Rajiv Pratap Rudy, MP and Sri D.P. Yadav, former
Union Minister fondly remembered Late Sha

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